About us

 We are CodeNode — a state-of-the-art venue located in Copenhagen. Our multi-purpose venue offers the ideal location for conferences, large-scale hackathons, bespoke exhibitions, corporate meetups, breakout sessions, seminars, kickoffs, masterclasses, and Design Thinking workshops.

Within CodeNode's 500 square meters, you'll discover a spacious conference room, a Design Studio, a MasterClass room, and an elegant boardroom. These three rooms can be flexibly combined to form a large partner area, ideal for conferences. CodeNode's location has been carefully chosen to provide an inspiring environment near the waterfront, with easy access to public transportation, good parking facilities, top-notch hotels, and the vibrant city life.

Equipped with a premium AV system and more whiteboards than you can shake a pen at, CodeNode provides the ultimate environment for creativity and collaboration.

The CodeNode team is driven by a wealth of experience and a dedicated commitment to detail. At the same time, we are curious about how we can maximize the value of CodeNode's customers and ensure that everyone gains the most from an event, conference, or meeting.

Our vision is simple yet powerful: we aim to enhance our customers' outcomes. We achieve this by fostering strong relationships and facilitating the exchange of knowledge, ensuring that you derive maximum value from your specific event. This vision is embraced not only by our team but also by the close network of friends and partners we collaborate with.

Reach out to us to explore how we can make your event a success at CodeNode.