Friends of CodeNode

In addition to the physical facilities, we've established the "Friends of CodeNode" initiative. This program is designed to empower our customers by providing them access to a network of specialists dedicated to optimizing the outcomes of their activities at CodeNode. The goal is to ensure that our customers' events and activities not only benefit from our team and venue but also receive customized support from experienced professionals, all committed to maximizing your success.


Birgitte Hjort

Birgitte Hjort Sørensen is an actor in film, tv and theatre, among others the tv series Borgen and Game of Thrones. As a moderator she creates a welcoming and informal ambience, where both participants and speakers feel safe and at ease. She reads the room well, picks up on what occurs whether it is planned or unexpected – and she often uses humor as a way of connecting with people.

Linn Elster Jacobsen

Linn Elster Jacobsen is a consultant and professional facilitator. Her approach to innovation is co-creation and fair and involving processes. She can help you design workshops that fulfils your ambition with a good flow and engaged participants. She has experience in planning and facilitating small and large scale workshops and can help you to enable ownership from participants through involvement and structured methods. In a workshop, Linn can be your third eye that sense the room and participants with an outside perspective, this can spark on the fly-decisions that makes the workshop better.

Kenn Ladegaard Hansen

Kenn L. Hansen holds a Master of Arts in Rhetoric from the University of Copenhagen, specializing in PowerPoint. As the founder of EPO, he has trained thousands of people since 2005 across various industries and sectors. Kenn has simple tools to increase the clarity and impact of a message, and is a highly demanded consultant for conference dry-runs. He also trains the Danish TED speakers before they go on stage.

Michael McKay

Michael McKay has a broad background in design leadership, product innovation, user centred design thinking and launch of innovative global products and services. He now focuses on a broad portfolio of design related activities. Michael oversees the creation of Design Thinking input in several large size corporations, pointing out operational, strategic and cultural ways to embed design and design thinking in programs at global scale. He can guide you throw a succesful design thinking workshop process to ensure great output and valuable learnings.